McDonald's in United States

This place gives me a chance to take my grandchildren out to eat and enjoy their playroom indoors. This is a clean and friendly restaurant.

Less than 50% that the order will be right One cream one equal does not mean half and half and two sweet to drink . The burrito was so loosely wrapped it feel apart .

breakfast was fast and fresh Good place for a quick bite and bathroom break. Clean in the restrooms and fast service. Very pleased with my experience.

We are closely monitoring all local, state and federal regulations to provide customers with a contactless pickup experience. As a result restaurants are only serving customers through the Drive Thru, with Mobile Order & Pay on McDonald's Global Mobile App, and with McDelivery®. The health and safety of restaurant employees and customers is a top priority. In addition to our standard sanitation procedures, as part of McDonald's response to coronavirus, our restaurants have: - Implemented contactless operations - Supplying sanitizer for employees and customers - Encouraging employees to wash hands even more frequently than normal - Increasing surface cleaning and sanitizing across the restaurant - Closing all Play Place attractions


Address 85 Bangor St, Augusta, ME 04330

Phone +1 207-623-2699


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