Museo Dolores Olmedo Patino in Mexico

Ofrenda a Diego y Frida.

Your Own Hacienda A bit out of the way but well worth it. Exceptional grounds are found here with peacocks and rare dogs roaming within the compound. You can view possibly the best collection of Diego Rivera's artwork.

The Best kept secret Of almost one of the great museums of,in a city of great museums the Lola Olmedo houses time which stands still I can still see Her la Gran Lola Romero with her side endless forehead and signature she grows ...

Wonderful serene museum Mexico City This is a wonderful museum and grounds away from the crowds in Mexico. The art features many Rivera and Kahlo pieces in a comfortable space.

Located in Xochimilco, at Mexico City’s southern extreme, the Dolores Olmedo Museum is housed in a rambling stone structure, originally dating from the Sixteenth Century, formerly known as the Hacienda La Noria. By donating her art collection to the people of Mexico, Dolores Olmedo Patiño created a cohesive whole, where treasures of the fine arts were incorporated into colonial construction added during the Seventeenth Century, surrounded by lush gardens, shaded by singularly Mexican plant species, and inhabited by gorgeous animals like the magical peacocks –seemingly confected of living jewels—and the enigmatic hairless Xoloiztcuintle dogs, a Precolumbian breed that is unique to behold and warm to the touch.Since the museum opened its doors to the public in September of 1994, its greatest treasure is its painting. The world’s most important collections of works by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo are housed here permanently and are adored by the legions of visitors who flock to admire them. There is, as well, a collection of the woodcuts and book illustrations by Russo-French painter Angelina Beloff, Rivera’s companion during his early years as a budding painter in Europe.


Address Calle Avenida Mexico # 5843 La Noria, Xochimilco, Mexico City 16030 Mexico

Phone +52 55 5555 1016


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