Museo Nacional del Tequila MUNAT in Mexico

Good introduction to tequila. Not to heavy. Could be done after some alcohol althought best done

A Tequila Musuem worth the visit The museum isn't too far off then plaza. The enytance fee is low. They have good displays in a pretty building. The display room with tequila varieties is amazing***so many bottles and brands.

Make it your first stop Small but interesting museum, with English signage, on everything tequila-from the growing to harvesting through distilling and retail.

Gotta see it1 You've traveled all the way to learn about tequila, right? Then why wouldn't you spend just a little bit of time away from the tastes to learn a little bit more about the spirit of this area? It's not a huge museum,...



Address Ramon Corona 34, Tequila 46400 Mexico

Phone +52 374 742 0012


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