The Gorky Gonzalez Workshop in Mexico

Google Maps - Photo by The Gorky Gonzalez Workshop

One of the best places where you find excellent pottery, including a fascinating tour of the work shop.

The studio is filled and you can browse and touch and awe yourself at a leisurely pace.

They make the best majolica of Guanajuato, they are unique pieces made by hand and painted by hand, one by one.

The staff will ship anything you buy for a reasonable rate.

Don’t leave the state of Guanajuato without a visit there, you’ll thank yourself.

Very beautiful ceramic in the creative shop.


Address Calle Huerta de Montenegro s/n, Pastita, Guanajuato, Gto., Mexico

Phone +524737310389


Maps 2Q63+53 Guanajuato, Mexico Open Maps


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