Nerpinary in Russia

невероятно симпатичные существа

The shows was very nicely done! Great place to visit. The show is 25-30 mins, so a perfect place to visit and doesn't take too much of our time. The show itself was very well thought and prepared. Really enjoyed it.

Listvyanka, Russia, the Lake Baikal Nerpa Seal (НЕРПИНАРИЙ) Nerpinary. To take a line from the 1964 hit song by the Beach Boys, FUN FUN FUN .

Peter G Strange looking building, but very clean and well kept. Seals are a delight and seem happy. Only presented in Russian, but that didn’t stop the enjoyment.



Address Gorkiy st., 101-A, Listvyanka 664520 Russia

Phone +7 395 255-44-32


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