Notre Dame Church (Eglise Notre Dame la Grande) in France


Striking facade If you are not purposely seeking this church out, it comes as quite a surprise when you walk into the small square where it is located.

Nice baroque. Notre Dame Church is a beautiful, baroque style church, built in the 17th century. We happened to be passing by, while walking around the streets of the city and went inside.

Don’t miss it As we visited Cour Mably – a remnant of a now gone Dominican monastery - we took the opportunity to have a look at Notre Dame church, the only other surviving part of the monastery.

Not to be confused with its more famous namesake in Paris, this 11th century church is beautiful in its own right, with its elaborately carved facades and detailing.


Address 1 rue Mably, 33000, Bordeaux France

Phone +33 5 56 10 21 83


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