Oc Nong Ha Trang in Vietnam

The place.

Don't think it fit for westerner It is good to give a try, but they already very popular, so they do not need customer that much. They said 1 person normally have 2-3 bowl of snails.

Always crowded Snails here is good! But the best is dipping sauce! Fast serving but only snails, the rest of the menu will take quite sometime to prepare! Price is ok!

Amazing clams Initially felt nervous to dine here as we had difficulty getting the attention of staff to be seated. It paid to be more assertive at this business as it is clearly a local hotspot.



Address 1A Dinh Liet Hang Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi 100000 Vietnam

Phone +84 24 3926 0525

Website https://www.facebook.com/%E1%BB%90c-N%C3%B3ng-H%C3%A0-Trang-730470807098924/

Maps 7PH72VM2+FR Open Maps

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