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Omni Jewelers

Shopping for diamonds My husband and I were in Alaska in 2018. We stopped in the Omni jewelry store and purchased a beautiful diamond ring. It flips from chocolate diamonds on one side to blue diamonds on the other.

Lovely jewellers, but......! Lovely jewellery here! Loved all the pieces, but they are expensive! Know how much you want to spend before going into this store.

Good Service We bought a few small pieces and were not AS pressured to buy here as we were in other jewelry stores. For that reason we decided to make a few purchases.

Omni Jewelers is one of the most reputable stores on the island of St. Thomas and Alaska. We are your trustworthy source of fine jewelry in precious, semi-precious and gold jewelry. Feel free to stop by and browse our selection. If you need jewelry repairs, stone setting, or alterations, bring it in to Omni Jewelers where our professional and skilled staff can help make your dream a reality. We'll help make you comfortable when making decisions and are here to answer any of your questions.


Address 431 S Franklin St, Juneau, AK 99801-1327

Phone +1 340-715-2692


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