Oze National Park in Japan


Huge natural reserve Oze is a huge natural reserve, which extends to four prefectures: Gunma, Niigata, Tochigi and Fukushima. The highlights of Oze are Ozegahara and Ozenuma.

Hiking I went there begining of June to see Mizubasho flowers.Though it was June, snow was still remained on the path.Prepare trecking shoes and coat.It takes 5 hours on foot for sight seeing and round trip from the bus stop.

A priceless experience!!! The transport system in jp overwhelms me hence I am always looking for express bus services if possible.

Oze National Park has a long history. It was rst designated as part of the Nikko National Park in 1934; however, the Oze area was divided from the Nikko National Park in 2007. It was then incorporated with surrounding areas such as Mt. Aizukoma, Mt. Tashiro, and Mt. Taishaku and designated as the 29th national park. The name, Oze is well-known for being sung in the Japanese traditional song, “Natsu-no-Omoide (Memories of Summer).” It features characteristic landscape consisting of Ozegahara Marsh, the largest high marsh on the main island (Honshu), Ozenuma Swamp, the volcanic lake created from Tadami River, and surrounding mountains such as Mt. Shibutsu, Mt. Hiuchi, Mt. Aizukoma, Mt. Tashiro, and Mt. Taishaku. In addition, Oze has been subjected to development crises repeatedly in the past; however, this invaluable nature is kept today by efforts of many people, and it is also known as “the origin of nature conservation” in Japan.


Website https://www.japan.travel/national-parks/parks/oze/

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