Phonatik Vietnamese in United States

Calamari & crab won tons!

Been to this place a few times... Been to this place a few times. Usually get the pho which is pretty good. I have had about as many good experiences as bad so far.

This is for our 3d visit. We ate here about a year ago and it was good. This time we had a problem getting served. Our mistake was to go at the noon rush. Still many people came in and got food while we sat.

Veteran's day First I want to thank Tony for his respect of veteran's day. He offered all vets a medium pho bowl of their choice. This is a great offer from a small local business. I just want to thank you as a veteran.



Address 901 E Dimond Blvd Ste A 99515, Anchorage, AK 99515-2028

Phone +1 907-336-8880


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