Piazza Barberini in Italy

Très belle fontaine

Iconic crossroads of Rome Piazza Barberini, built in 1625 by order of Cardinal Francesco Barberini, is located near Via Veneto. It has hotels, pubs, restaurants, a movie theater and the Metro Station Barberini.

Just another piazza Another piazza, another Bernini fountain. The piazza is not particularly memorable, but the fountain is worth a quick look if you're a fan of fountains or Bernini.

Busy piazza with Bernini’s fountain in the center Piazza Barberini is a busy intersection and is not my favorite spot in Rome, but beautiful Bernini’s Fontana del Tritone certainly is.



Address Junction of Via del Tritone Via Veneto, Via Quattro Fontane, Via Barberini, Rome Italy

Phone +39 095 7543 1003

Website http://www.sovraintendenzaroma.it/i_luoghi/roma_medioevale_e_moderna/fontane/fontana_del_tritone

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