Pizzeria Spontini in Italy


Great Milanese pizza Lovely place to have your Milanese pizza. Try whatever you like, everything is great but don't forget to add double mozzarella cheese.

Nice and sweet Lovely place to go.I need to try out their food and some other things.

Love the margherita pizza and the vibe! I tried the Margherita pizza the first night in Milan and have probably come down several times over the next five months! Love the soft cheese and crispy outer.

A historically famous pizzeria known for its serving only one type of pizza, the margherita pizza. The perfect spot to grab a slice before an outing or for a quick stop.


Address Via Gaspare Spontini 4, 20129 Milan Italy

Phone +39 02 204 7444

Website http://www.pizzeriaspontini.it/pizzeria/milano-buenos-aires

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