Planetario Natural Alfa Aldea in Chile


Very impressive Very nice Tour in a familiar and relaxed atmosphere in beautiful vineyard. Group size Maximum of 12. Excellent explanations in spanish and english.

Great stargazing, even better storytellers Alfa Aldea is a lovely and quiet place for an evening stargazing. Marco picked us up for a short drive from our hostel in the center of Vicuña and brought us home afterwards.

Interesting and well-organized tour We were kindly received by guide Marco. It is a beautiful place to visit and the explanation (in English!) is really good.

Located two kilometres from the city of Vicuna and overlooking nine hectares of beautiful and prolific vineyards you can find the 'Alfa Aldea' Natural Planetarium. In this splendid place you can enjoy an unforgettable stellar experience, a different concept of astronomical observation. Our intention is to be always in touch with nature, mirroring the way the first, ancient astronomers watched the skies. The modern astronomical facilities are located in the middle of the vineyards; in order to provide superior service and ensure a wonderful astronomical experience to our visitors a ground-level amphitheatre has been built with a seating capacity of 50 people. The design of the aforementioned building allows the installation of our last-generation telescopes of 10", 12" and 16" inches. All extra accessories (ocular lens suitcases and filters) are included and are available for the tour guide. Personalized tours are available in English and Spanish languages.


Address Parcela 17, La Vinita, Vicuna 1760000 Chile

Phone +56 51 241 2441


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