Quilmes Ruins (Ruinas de Quilmes) in Argentina

Ruinas de Ciudad Sagrada de Quilmes 4

On the way from Tucuman to Cafayate An absolute must to visit! First in the museum a movie will explain the sad history of the Quilmes tribe and walking through these ruins will give you an idea on how big their living spaces...

Take A Day From Wine Touring And Go To These If you are from the US, think Chaco Canyon. This is a spectacular site that is different sort of remote than Chaco. The entire area near the Quilmes Ruins is remote.

Amazing place. Outstanding information center This place is really amazing. I have visited it many years ago, but today is better than ever.



Address Ruta Nacional 40 Cerro Alto El Rey A 20 Km de Amaicha Del Valle, Amaicha del Valle Argentina

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