Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery in Indonesia

World of cats

No regrets - Lovely way to spend a couple of hours If taxidermy is not your thing, keep away. But if you wish to appreciate the beauty of fauna, come and have a look stuff animals from all corners of the globe.

Education for my daughter there’re have replica of jungle animals and have night safari too .this look’s so real ,on night safary you can hear voice animal jungle like a lion ,tiger ,snake ,bear ,and many more.

Large collection of animal life I left this museum with mixed feelings and was split between satisfaction for being able to see so many diverse animals for the first time and sadness and disgust upon so many hunting trophies...



Address Jln. S. Parman No. 309, Medan 20153 Indonesia

Phone +62 61 4569964

Website http://www.rahmatgallery.com/

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