Railway Museum in Uzbekistan

Tashkent Railway Museum

Fabulous trains .. helps to read Uzbek This is quite a collection of trains through the years in excellent conditions. Would help to have an Uzbeki speaking guide.

Interesting to see the huge trains, but little information I agree with others who have visited, it takes less than an hour to wander around and check out the trains.

If you like railway Engines and Carriages These Engines and Carriages are true giants you have to see them, some you can climb on a really good way to spend an hour or so



Address Turkiston Str. 6, Tashkent 100060 Uzbekistan

Phone +998 71 299 70 40

Website http://www.comtourist.com/history/tashkent-railway-museum

Maps 8JHF77WR+35 Open Maps

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