Rheinfahre in Switzerland


A cool way to cross the river! Those small ferries are a special way to cross the river Rhine. Not only tourists, but also the local use them frequently.

A lovely break on the river I see this is very highly rated - by me also. Note that this is not a fancy boat ride. This is a 5-10 minute ride from one side of Basel to the other. But it's quiet and charming.

Take a ferry to cross the Rhein Small ferry boat that charges 3 CHF to cross the Rhein very nice atmosphere and a good alternative to bus tram

The four Rhine ferries cross the Rhein on four different places Contact: St. Alban Fähre: 0041 79 659 63 66 Münster-Fähre: 0041 77 400 65 41 Klingental-Fähre: 0041 79 659 63 67 St.Johan-Fähre: 0041 79 659 63 68


Address Rheinufer, Basel 4001 Switzerland

Phone +41 77 400 65 41

Website http://www.faehri.ch

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