Sagebrush Cantina in United States

Something for everyone! Fun, food and fantastic atmosphere. The Sagebrush Cantina offers Mexican food in a fantastic atmosphere. It's big with booths, a busy bar and lots of lovely outdoor seating, with built in gas heaters.

Taco Time My first time at Sagebrush Cabrina in Calabasas. Love the atmosphere, great food and great service. Today they also had a fundraiser so there was a live band which shows me there care about the community.

Dinner & drinks Fantastic meal -cheese enchiladas, rice & refried beans. the salsa was the best I have had in years. Huge venue Restaurant, bar, patio seating,music, karaoke to live band. Huge menu options great drinks.



Address 23527 Calabasas Rd, Calabasas, CA 91302-1367

Phone +1 818-222-6062


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