Sanctuary of Saint Peter Claver in Colombia

The "actual remains" of the Saint Really quite a "unique scene" inside (at the main altar) is not a body replica but the "actual remains" of Saint Peter Claver (not a total skeleton but may be "somewhat preserved", and who I didn't...

Holy Ground This beautiful church was built between 1580 - 1654 by the Jesuits. Some consider the facade the richest and most monumental of Cartagena.

Lovely Stunning cuppola so make sure to look up. Our guide with Dora the Explorer tours gave us the history.

Four hundred years ago jesuits established in Cartagena and founded a school and a church in downtown. During the XVII century a father called Pedro Claver dedicated all his life to the protection of the african slaves and became saint 300 hundred years later. To keep alive his legacy, jesuits came back to the city at the end of XIX century and started to collect pieces for a museum that includes precolombian, religious and african caribbean art and, of course, the chamber and other spaces where the saint lived and died. Nowadays it is the museum with the most complete collection of religious art in Colombian coast, and the building preserves the spirit of Claver, the spirit of Human Rights.


Address Carrera 4 No. 31-00 Centro Histórico. Plaza de San Pedro Claver., Cartagena 130002 Colombia

Phone +57 5 6644991


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