Serrai di Sottoguda in Italy

Cascata ghiacciata

Closed in July-2019 Sadly it was closed for an unspecified period due to damage caused by floodings in late 2018. Not sure if it has been fully restored by now. The surrounding area was quite beautiful though.

The gorge with a beautiful village at the downstrem. Worth visit the Gorge but also the village Sottogouda. Beutiful houses, like a living museum and also excellent gift shops.

Closed in january 2019 Intended to visit the place in the end of january 2019, but the access path is closed. Obviously, we didnt break the law and didnt get past closed gate*** ;) .

The Gorge of Serrai di Sottoguda, Temple of Nature, is a picturesque gorge cut into the rock with cliffs over 100 meters. In this gorge you will find various waterfalls. In addition, for 13 times the stream intersects with the bridges. The route is about 2.5 km. The site is located between the village of Sottoguda, wonder of the Dolomites and the Marmolada, the Queen of the Dolomites.Why shoul I pay for it?In order to have access to the gorge, in the daytime, a contribution from visitors is requested. The aim of this contribution is the enhancement of the site so that it is maintained and improved. The site is managed by the Consortium Marmolada, not-for-profit consortium. This consortium, with clear arrangements with the municipality of Rocca Pietore ensures that 100% of the gain is allocated to the Serrai di Sottoguda and the Municipality of Rocca Pietore with maintenance and improvement works. Each year we proceed with the safety of the walls, with the change and maintenance of fences, are also maintained clean the Serrai and most of the paths of the town of Rocca Pietore and much more. The staff is also local and from Agordino.Being opposed to this it means to be opposed to the maintenance of the site and to its improvement.


Address Sottoguda, 32023, Rocca Pietore Italy

Phone +39 0437 722277


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