Shiretoko National Park in Japan

Shiretoko Five Lakes

Stunning On the north east peninsular of Hokkaido, it a bit difficult to reach. But the effort is really worth it, A huge National Park, it has a mountain range on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other.

Beautiful park- great snowshoeing in the winter Visited here with a tour group. We had a private snowshoe guide that made it quite fun - I'd never snowshoed before but it was really easy.

Great place to visit .

Shiretoko, which originated from the Ainu word, “Shiri Etoku” which means “far corner of the earth” is exactly located at the northernmost tip of Japan (excluding the Northern Territories). Shiretoko National Park is characterized by the rugged grand landscape formed by volcanic activities and drift ice as well as abundant wildlife. In particular, large mammals such as brown bears and killer whales as well as a number of large endangered raptors inhabit the park. With them at the top of the hierarchy, a variety of wild animals strongly cohabit together. Such biodiversity and the link between ecosystems of the sea, river, and forest were highly valued, and Shiretoko was registered as a World Natural Heritage site in July 2005.


Address Hokkaido


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