Simmer Down in United States

Simmer Down

Not near Garberville This restaurant is listed as .1 mile from Garberville. It is actually an hour and a half north of Garberville.

My favorite food truck in town! The food here is Fantastic! The owner goes above and beyond to make sure he is serving high quality Organic Deliciousness! He pours his heart and soul into providing homemade from scratch everything!...

Best veggie burgers Great food, organic, good taste, I usually don't eat cilantro but the aioli cilantro sauce was incredible, fried yam are my favorite!

Jamaican-inspired feel good food, vegan with vegetarian and fish options. House made veggie burgers, jamican stlye patties, salad dressings, sauces and drinks.


Address 766 Locust St, Arcata, CA 95542-3218

Phone +1 707-702-1050


Maps 84GR4624+7C Open Maps

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