Sims Bar-B-Que in United States

Christmas Eve Fest I purchased $37.40 Slab Ribs with 3 sides. Ribs were tender everything tastes great! My mom had no complaints and she’s hard to please! This was a great decision plenty to eat for next couple of days.

Average. Lacked flavor My client sent me for lunch as it was their spouse's favorite place in town. I had the lunch platter of sliced beef and chopped chicken. Only flavor was the thin barbecue sauce they poured over top of it.

Good but not great Signage made it hard to find. Classic southern BBQ options, meat and a side. No chicken options on combination plates. Beef brisket was good, but nothing special. Sauce made up most of the flavor in my opinion.



Address 2415 Broadway St, Little Rock, AR 72206-2178

Phone +1 501-372-0141


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