The Aviator Casino in United States

Great food not a big casino I like the good there, it’s pretty good. I just won’t gamble there, they have a few tables and my husband lost $75 in 15 minutes lol .

Happy hour specials were great. Was an any port in a storm for us kind of night. They had free R.V.Parking and a small restaurant. We were just in time for happy hour's so we had some appy specials and some beer.

DRINKS OK... Food eh. Don't buy tacos. Hahhahaha. Delano is well known for authentic yummy tacos and this place makes the worst microwave meats tacos. And it is in happy hour meals, stay away.



Address 1225 Airport Dr, Delano, CA 93215-9344

Phone +1 661-721-7770


Maps 8572PQV6+X5 Open Maps

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