The Gregangelo Museum in United States

The Dawn Room......the room of Inspiration!

It’ll blow you away! This place/house/experience was AMAZING! Chris is an amazing tour guide. We had time to talk and meet with Greg one on one which was great. Everyone is extremely approachable and friendly.

Great and different every time! Had a blast once again (2nd time visitor, 1st time reviewer)! Chris was great and the tour was different enough to not have a dull moment. Highly recommended as a unique life experience!.

This house/museum is absolutely fascinating! From the outside, the house looks attractive and well kept, consistent with the lovely neighborhood it is in.

Dare to dream on our new immersive outdoor experience “The Riddle of the Sphinx”. Designed for guests who are sheltering in place together. Relive your Innocence in the playful Garden of Youth, enjoy Sensuality in the Garden of Life and contemplate the Unknown in the Garden of Wisdom. There are three outside areas with a variety of art installations that you will journey through. In this tour, you will immerse yourself with art, stories, and riddle-solving in order to go to your next adventure. The experience is approximately 1 + hour. A tour guide will be on-site at all times to greet you, facilitate, lead, direct, open doors, and answer any questions on this touch-free tour. The experience is outside near the West Portal area of San Francisco, so dress warmly and in layers. Taking photos is encouraged and souvenirs are available upon departure to remember your journey through The Riddle of the Sphinx!


Address 225 San Leandro Way, San Francisco, CA 94127-1915

Phone +1 415-664-0095


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