Theatre Ballet Moscow in Russia

Балет "Транскрипция цвета"

Ballet "Kostroma" Although named ballet Kostroma, this is more a sampling of dance from the different areas of Russia over the generations.

Thoroughly enjoyed Took my daughter to see this Ballet at Raritan Valley Community College and I really enjoyed it. I was expecting much worse based on the reviews. I would go and see it again next year if given the chance.

Moscow City Ballet (Balet Moskva) is an innovative dance company, where unique artistic vision arises from a paired set of two casts - contemporary dance and ballet. The artistic program of "Balet Moskva" is based on multi-genre approach to the repertoire offering performances of wide range of styles - one can enjoy traditional ballets as well as contemporary ballet experiments and contemporary dance pieces. The repertoire is exclusively created for the company by up-coming and established Russian and international choreographers. It puts special emphasis on professional development of new trends in choreography and dance and follows the newest dance tendencies, which will take their place in the history of dance as it is being written. "Balet Moskva" performs at different venues in Moscow: from small cozy modern Meyerhold Centre to the large and historical venues such as architectural monument of Russian constuctivism Cultural Centre ZIL. You are welcome to enjoy the classical, neoclassical and contemporary ballet and dance with us!


Address Novoryazanskaya St., 16, Moscow 107078 Russia

Phone +7 495 607-01-29


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