Tofuro Kaihama Makuhari in Japan


My Go-To Restaurant in Chiba for 1st Time Visitors to Japan Whenever I have 1st time visitors to Japan, I always bring them to Tofuro.

Enjoy Japanese cuisine! Japanese seasonal ingredients delivered directly from production centers!! Enjoy Japanese dishes prepared through various techniques, using fresh ingredients. In our restaurant you can enjoy sushi, sashimi, tempura, boiled dishes, grilled seafood, beef steak, buckwheat noodles, Japanese sake, etc. – a variety of Japanese-style dishes. You can enjoy the atmosphere created by old Japanese style decorations and kabuki images in our restaurant. English and Chinese menus are available, and our staff speak English and Chinese, so many foreigners visit us daily, feeling at ease. We are all looking forward to your visit.


Address 1-3 Nakase 24F Techno Garden, Chiba 261-0023 Chiba Prefecture

Phone +81 43-298-1026


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