Ulugh Beg Observatory in Uzbekistan

Ulugbek Observatory

Worth a Visit This observatory was built by Ulugh Beg, a well known astronomer of his time between 1424 and 1429.

Decent historical site As mentioned in other reviews, there is not a great deal to see. The Museum is small and the site itself takes 20-30 minutes at most. 25000 som entry. Still worth a look.

Admiring the Architecture and good history learninh Never imagine before to witness the history of Observatorium in Samarkand. It has beautiful architecture, also a museum about the history of Ulugh Beg and the observatorium.

A small museum of astronomy stands on the remains of the observatory of Ulugh-Beg, Timurid ruler and astronomer.


Address Samarkand Uzbekistan

Phone +998 66 235 03 45

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