Urayasu Comprehensive Park in Japan


Nice Scenery, Good View Staying at Tokyo Bay Tokyu Hotel will have a good connection to the park and seaside and enjoy the views, the walk , the sea, the peace, the winds, the air, you might not have a lot of time to enjoy if you...

Urayasu Comprehensive Park It is really big and nice with Great views! You can also go fishing if you would like. Has walking trails and a soccer field! .

A charming place Urayasu Comprehensive Park this can make us look up to and Ichihara Chiba. Area beaches are very wide, as well as looking at the vast sea. A charming place to enjoy the view of urban and sea straits.



Address 7-2 Akemi, Urayasu 279-0014 Chiba Prefecture

Website http://www.city.urayasu.lg.jp/shisetsu/kouen/1005625.html

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