Vikings Jazz Mall in Philippines

lot of choices

Great service and good food We celebrated my son's birthday in Vikings Jazz. Service - from the reservation officer, cashier and waitstaff - is excellent. They are prompt and attentive.

Best Viking I’ve been to Been to many Vikings, but this is the nicest I’ve been to. All of the food was delicious and nothing I had was dry or clearly had been on display some time. All fresh and a nice varied selection.

Company Celebration This is a legit buffet. Accommodating staff. Many choices of food especially desserts since I love sweets. We really had a great time here.

The Vikings were great warriors who once ruled the seven seas. They are known for their colossal ships, fierce spirit and their extravagant way of life. They believed that the world was theirs for the taking and would regularly hold grand feasts that would last for days on end; not stopping until their every want and need was satisfied. Their legacy of grandiose celebrations continues to this day here in Vikings Buffet. Boasting the largest buffet areas found in the Philippines, Vikings has redefined the standards of dining in class and style. Featuring massive and elegantly themed structures, each of the 3 Vikings branches will leave you standing in awe of its lavish architecture. Only Vikings buffet can provide you an ambiance of splendor while taking you to new worlds through food. Indulge in mouth-watering cuisines from across the world one plate at a time, specially prepared by our team of world-class chefs. Find yourself enchanted by each of our food selections-from European to Asian to American-our international cuisines feature over 400 delectable dishes for you to devour. Overwhelm your senses with the tantalizing sights, scrumptious aromas, and heavenly flavors that you can only find at Vikings. Vikings is the absolute best buffet experience in the country, featuring a cornucopia of flavors that can't be found anywhere else. Now is the time to chow down like you have never done before. Gather up your friends and family and embark on your greatest food adventure yet. Be merry, eat hearty and feast like a Viking today.


Address Nicanor Garcia Street SM Jazz Mal, Makati, Luzon 1209 Philippines

Phone +63 63 891 3888


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