What-A-Blast Lasertag in United States

What-A-Blast Lasertag

Looks are deceiving It looks like a hole in the wall because the space inside for parties is pretty tight and dingy.

Lasertag is amazing fun for all ages 5 to 95. The blacklit arena is 2400 sqft and has 8 HD arena cams that can be watched on 3 65" 4K TVs. The arena has mirrors, columns, windows, tubes to slide under, a fort, 2 lazyboy recliner chairs, 2 portable sniper towers, and fully customizable lightening, including blackout.


Address 127 McAllister Aly, State College, PA 16801-4759

Phone +1 814-234-8740

Website http://whatablastlasertag.com/

Maps 87G4Q4WR+29 Open Maps

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