Zoetrope in Japan

huge collection of japanese whiskies

Impressive selection Impressive selection. Don’t be intimidated or put off by the small size and rules. Intimate setting lends to a friendly atmosphere. English spoken.

Variety of Good Whisky I don't deny that there are various types of good whisky in this bar but the place didn't impress me that much. The prices are comparatively high for the same portion to other bars.

A Whiskey Lovers Paradise If you love whiskey, you'll love Zoetrope.The owner/bartender loves two things, whiskey and classic movies. One customer asked for an old fashioned and he said simply, "Whiskey is better.

Shot Bar Zoetrope combines its owner's two great passions: Japanese whisky and the movies.The bar has been described as being the "best place to drink Japanese whisky in the world" and it has an excellent collection of whiskies from all of the Japanese distilleries. As an independent bar, with no affiliation to any particular distilling company, we are able to offer customers an excellent insight into a whisky making tradition that is currently taking the whisky world by storm. We also have good collections of Japanese rum, brandy, grappa, beer and other alcohols distilled or brewed in Japan. (Customers looking for more traditional Japanese liquors should be aware that there is no sake or shochu available.)Zoetrope also celebrates its owner's interest in the world of cinema. Its interior was designed by Takeo Kimura, one of the best known movie art directors in Japan, and the bar is decorated with a variety of interesting film memorabilia. Zoetrope's background music comes from the soundtracks of movies from across the world and a large screen plays a continuous selection of comedy films from the silent era.If you are whisky fan or a movie lover, you are sure to enjoy Shot Bar Zoetrope.


Address 7-10-14 Gaia Bldg. 4 3F, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku 160-0023 Tokyo Prefecture

Phone +81 3-3363-0162

Website https://www.facebook.com/ShotBarZoetrope

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